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Unit E1, 11/F, Phase 1,
Hang Fung Bldg.,
2G Hok Yuen St.,
Hung Hom,
KLN, Hong Kong
Ceiling System-B-3030B
Basic information:

- Ceiling Tracking System
- Fully utilize the space in the studio
- With 3 pantographs

Product number:B-3030B
Technical Specifications

Model no. B-3030B
Pantograph 3 pieces
Track (4m) 4 pieces
Extendable Rod 1 piece
Accessories Included 3310(B) Track x4pcs
3320(B) Pantograph x3pcs
3330(B) Track Runner x3pcs
3331(B) Double Pulley x2pcs
3332(B) Double Pulley with Brake x2pcs
3340(B) Track Fixing Plate x6pcs
3350(B) Cable Clipper x51pcs
3360(B) Pulley x15pcs
3361(B) Pulley with Bolt, Nut and Washer x12pcs
3370(B) Spigot for Holding Flashes x3pcs
3380(B) Safety Steel Wire x3pcs
3390(B) Adjusting Handle x3pcs
3520(B) Extendable Rod x1pc


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