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Unit E1, 11/F, Phase 1,
Hang Fung Bldg.,
2G Hok Yuen St.,
Hung Hom,
KLN, Hong Kong
Basic information:

- Light Stand and Light Stand with Boom together
- With a waterbag counter weight (empty)

This item appears as a light stand. The first two sections can be put out and turn it around to form a boom.

Lighting Boom enables user to mount the lighting and reflectors in all angles and directions, it helps to control the lighting ideally.

Product number:LSB-6
Technical Specifications Optional Accessories

Model No. LSB-6
No. of Section 3
Max. Height (cm) 290
Min. Height (cm) 137
Collasped Height (cm) /
Spread Ø (cm) /
Diameter of Legs (mm) /
Poles Ø (mm) 40, 35, 30
Spigot (inch) 1/4 and 3/8
Air Cushion /
Colour /
Metal Collar /
Boom Length (cm) 110-220
Boom Sections 2
Counter Weight (Kg) 0.3
Net Weight (Kg) 4
Max. Loading Weight(Kg) /


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