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Basic information:

- Ring light with Ø 102mm central aperutre
-Provide even light over the object
- Individual on/off switches for each tube
- 3/8" Female Thread
- Lightweight
- Cool

RFL-3 is uniquely designed to provide even light source for static and video photography.
Three energy saving lamps can be switches on/ off individually.
Apart from using it as a ring light for macro photography, with the power of totally 90W,
it can also be used as a side light or top light.
It lightweight, energy saving and cool characteristics make it your perfect lighting partner.

Product number:RFL-3
Technical Specifications Optional Accessories Manuals

Model No. RFL-3
Power 90W
Operating Voltage AC110-120V 60Hz/
AC220-240V 50Hz
Power Control Full/ Off for each lamp
No. of Tubes/Bulbs 3
1x22W, 1x 28W, 1x 40W
Colour Temperature 5300-5500K
Illuminance 3900Lux @ 0.5m
1200Lux @ 1m
370Lux @ 2m
Dimension (only the body) 480 x 480 x 85mm
Weight (only the body) 1.6Kg
Accessories Included Camera Bracket
Tilting Bracket
Power Cord
Ballast Built-in


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