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Unit E1, 11/F, Phase 1,
Hang Fung Bldg.,
2G Hok Yuen St.,
Hung Hom,
KLN, Hong Kong
├Studio Flashes & Generators
├Flash Head
 ├EL-series/ RE-FT-series
 ├DPS-series/ DE-series
 ├TF-L Series
├Ring Head
├Small Strobe/ Mini Slave
├Power Pack
├Continuous Lighting / LED
├Fluorescent Light
 ├Fixture In Fluorescent Tube
 ├Fixture In Fluorescent Bulb
 ├Lamp Holder & Lamp Socket Adaptor
├Solar Light, Quarts Light Fresnel
├Compact Video Light
├Light Modifying Tools
 ├16-Angle Softbox
 ├Ceiling/ Column Softbox
 ├Extendable Softbox
 ├Softbox with Grid
  ├Rectangular & Square
 ├6 In 1 Softbox
  ├Rectangular & Square
  ├Foldable Softbox
├Metal Reflector, Globe, Barndoor, Snoot
├Fabric Reflector
├Speed Ring
├Flag Panel
├Metal Grid
├Light Support/ Control
├Light Stand
├Reflector Holder
├Boom Stand
├Video Stand Boom
├Ceiling Support Wall Boom
├Posing Shed
├Dolly Wheels
├Large Metal Collar Light Stand
├Background Support & Backdrops
├Background Support Kit
├Background System and Hook
├Cross Bar
├Ceiling System
├Backdrop With Foldable Frames
├Fantasy Cloth, C-Series
├Fantasy Cloth, FC-Series
├Mottled Cotton Cloth, DW-Series
├Mottled Cotton Cloth, BC-Series
├Plain Cotton Cloth, BCP-Series
├Paper Backdrop
├Photo Table & Box
├Photo Table
├Photo Box
├Cases & Bags
├Trolley Case
├Stand Bag & Holdall
├Camera Bag & Lens Bag
├WPC Case
├Tripod & Pan Head
├Table Tripod
├Light-weight Tripod
├Professional Tripod Shoulder Grip
├Video Tripod
├Pan Head, Ball Head Quick Release Plate
├Speedlite, Triggering & Camera Accessories
├Speedlite, Sync Cord TTL Cord
├Trigger, Hot Shoe Photo Sensor
├Speedlites Accessories
├Len Filter, Cap Adaptor
├Accessories & Special Effect
├Flex Arms, Tilting Bracket Extension Rod
├Special Effect
├Handle Screw Knob
├Flash Tubes Lamps
├Micro Film Equipment
├Track Slider
├Video Rig
├Stabilizing Stand
├Panorama System
├Travel Jib
├Camera Cage
├Apps for iOS / Andriod
New Arrivals LED Light
├Coming Exhibitions
About Us
├Our Mission
├Contact Us
├Exhibition Photos

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